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Many men with low testosterone levels experience declining bone health...

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Page Title Low Testosterone Affects Bone Health

If testosterone levels are low, both young men and older men can experience a decline in bone health.

The medical community is increasingly recognizing the impact that low testosterone has on bone health...

Once only thought to be a problem of old age, low testosterone is also an issue among middle-aged and even young men.

Since the symptoms of low testosterone are vague, the problem often goes unnoticed. Common noticeable signs include loss of muscle mass, back pain and fatigue.



Undiagnosed low testosterone means that men might be losing bone mass at a high rate, in addition to other problems...

If you suspect that low testosterone might be impacting your health, be sure to speak with your primary care physician.

Exercising can naturally increase the body’s production of testosterone. Resistance training, push-ups, squats and weight lifting can all be beneficial.

Regardless of your age, gender, or level of testosterone, being committed to a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, and resistance training is a great way to stay healthy while keeping testosterone levels in check.

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