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Page TitleIs it a migraine or something else?

It may start with a dull ache in the back of the head, or an ache on one side. Regardless, headaches are very uncomfortable.

Recurring headaches are very frustrating. They prevent a person from enjoying their everyday life, and the cause of pain can be difficult to understand...

If you are suffering from regular headaches, consult with your primary physician. They may elect to refer you to a specialist.

It is important to realize that many headaches actually originate in the neck. These “cervicogenic” headaches mimic migraines or tension headaches, so they often go undiagnosed.



The good news is that cervicogenic headaches are curable...

Osteoarthritis, poor posture, whiplash, and any condition that causes misalignment in the vertebrae or pressure on nerves in the upper spine could result in cervicogenic headaches.

Since the nerves in the upper spine are linked to the nerves in the brain, the body refers the pain to the head. However, the pain is actually originating from an issue in the neck.

If you’re diagnosed with cervicogenic headaches, there are a number of possible fixes that a spine specialist can prescribe. These remedies range from spinal manipulation to medication or injections.

The treatment will vary depending on the initial cause of the problem, but in extreme cases treatment may even include minimally invasive surgery to restore the proper alignment of the vertebrae.

If you suffer from regular, debilitating headaches, check with your primary care doctor or contact our office directly. Together, we can help you determine the cause of your pain and offer potential remedies.

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