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Does Using It Cause Neck Pain?

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Page TitleCell Phones & Spine Health

More adults are suffering from “text neck” as a result of cell phone use.

Have you considered how much time you spend on your mobile devices? An app like Moment can help you find out, and most people are surprised to see how the minutes add up...

You might also be surprised that all of that time texting and surfing social media sites could be putting you at risk for neck and back issues, or “text neck.”

A recent study showed an uptick in neck and upper back pain, likely related to corresponding smartphone use. After all, 95% of Americans now own a cell phone.



Unfortunately, excessive device use comes at a high cost. Spine specialists and neurosurgeons are seeing everything from minor alignment problems to serious disc damage...

When using a cell phone, most people lean their head forward, particularly while typing, which drastically increases the stress on muscles around the spine.

Over time, the vertebrae become misaligned and pain results.

Fortunately, there are many simple solutions to combat text neck. For starters, minimize the impact of cell phone use by taking frequent breaks. Even better, make it a habit to try and use desktop options more often, which are easier to use in an ergonomically friendly way.

If you do need to use your phone often, try holding it level with your face, which will reduce the stress on your neck and upper back. Most phones now also include voice-to-text functions, which can eliminate the need to hold your phone at all.

If you think that digital devices are already causing problems for your back or neck, check with a physical therapist who can recommend stretches and exercises that will realign the vertebrae.

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