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Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement can be a great option for some patients, as this treatment maintains range of motion while protecting neighboring discs.

The spinal column is very complex and can wreak havoc on a person’s life when it’s not functioning correctly...

One of our patients, Brandon, learned this first-hand. Unaware that he had degenerative disc disease, Brandon woke up one day to find that he couldn’t turn his head to the right, making everyday functions like sleeping or performing tasks very difficult.

The following eight months for Brandon were a blur of pain, tingling, and loss of sensation. When all noninvasive treatment options failed, it was clear that Brandon needed a more complete solution.



Brandon was initially told that he would need disc fusion, but this option would involve losing mobility in his neck. Disc fusion also involves a lengthy recovery process and a high risk of more surgery in the future.

Fortunately, Brandon went online and researched another solution. After learning about Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery and reading our testimonials, Brandon met with our practice, found that he was a candidate, and decided to move forward with the procedure.

After MISS surgery, Brandon’s pain was gone immediately. He credits the procedure with giving him his life back and calls recovery a “breeze.” We are grateful that Brandon constantly recommends our practice to others in need.

In summary, the minimally invasive substitute for fusion is artificial disc replacement, or arthroplasty, which replaces the natural disc with a synthetic version that mimics the natural biomechanics of the body. The replacement allows for a natural range of motion and lets the patient retain their mobility, all with drastically reduced recovery time.

Artificial disc replacement can be used to replace herniated discs, correct degenerated discs, and even to solve trauma related injuries. The procedure can typically be done in an outpatient setting, and patients are able to return to regular activities far more quickly than with a disc fusion.

If you’re wondering whether artificial disc replacement is an option for you, contact Arizona Brain & Spine Center at (602) 266-2272. Since we are skilled in both artificial disc replacement and fusion, we are able to recommend the best method for every patient, without any bias.

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